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Accounts to be sold !!!!

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1 Accounts to be sold !!!! on Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:17 am


Server Donator
i'm selling my blade and bp full donate (Two separate accounts) (RolePlay Guild)

Slayer lvl 150 : 3500PHP (or 80$)
- imba cloak + 3 x donation awakes
- imba dark shield + 3 x donation awakes
- 2 x ban hammer + 3 x donation awakes
- blain set + full donation awakes
- cs + 3 x donation awakes
- Tiger(9/9/9/9/9) + 3 x donation awakes
- Tiger (1/3/5/7/9) + 2 x Adoch awakes

Force Master lvl 147 : 2500PHP (or 60$)
- imba cloak normal awakes
- imba dark shield + 3 x donation awakes
- imba fist + 3 x donation awakes
- Vigorious Roenier + full donation awakes
- cs : goku set normal awakes + cactus normal awakes

all items in bank... are free (behe weaps/all set 130/bx shield/heavens gate/ many set reman and perins/CN pcs...)

If you are interested reply or Pm me on forum if you need i'll show you my chars IG.
Paiment by Paypal only (no LOAD i'm in france -_-) i want GM for transaction (So that there is no problem)

Friendly - Greedy

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