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Suggestion for Level Cap

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1 Suggestion for Level Cap on Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:49 am


I thought of a suggestion to change the lvl cap to 200, Modify the monsters in the Coral Island for lvl 150~196 and in Darkon 1 lvl 196~200 Exclamation
See my List:
-Coral Island=
Kingster Level: 150~155
Kraken Level: 156~161
Creper Level: 161~166
Naga Level: 166~171
Atrox Level: 171~176
Okean Level: 176~181
Tigar Level: 181~186
Dorian Level: 186~~191
Meral Level: 191~196

Darkon 1=
Risem Level: 196~197 / Giant Level: 198
Nuctuvehicle Level: 198~199 / Giant Level: 200
Zombiger Level: 199~200 / Giant Level: 201

Who Agree With Me? Very Happy

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